Difference in size in Epi and Mono Speedies?

  1. On the LV website, they are listed as the same size, but I've read here that people say the Epi 25 is the same size as a Mono 30 - is this true?

    Also, did the Epi 35 get d/c?

    And lastly, does anyone know how much a new lock costs for an epi speedy? Can you just go into a boutique and purchase one?

  2. The zipper is the same length for the 25s, 30s, etc. Then the epi has a short piece of leather at each end of the zipper making it longer than the canvas bags. I don't think it adds 5 cm, more like 1". The epi is a stiffer bag so it may appear even larger as well. I have a blue one, so pretty!

    I think you can go and buy the lock. Last I heard they are something like $25. Cheaper than eBay and you know it is real.

    Uh-oh, no speedy 35 on elux or LV. Maybe it is gone! The keepall 45 and 55 are in the catalog though.
  3. Thanks so much for the response! I just bought a black epi speedy 35 on eBay with no lock (hence the questions). Maybe I'll bring it into a boutique and get a new lock and see if they can verify it's authentic - I'm pretty positive it is, since John 5 told me so, LOL!
  4. That is a great idea. If John5 says it is so, it is! Don't say you got it on ebay though, they get all weird about ebay.
  5. LOL, I was already thinking about that - was going to say I inherited it from my aunt!:graucho:
  6. The epi Speedy 30 measures 33cm long, while the canvas Speedy is 30cm. The epi Speedy 25 is also 28cm instead of 25.