Difference in quality between MIF and MIU?

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  1. Hello everyone, earlier today I picked up 2 slender wallet monogram eclipse's from Aventura mall in Miami, FL. The one that has the "made in France" stamp was purchased at the LV boutique while the other that came with a card stating "made in USA of imported materials" was purchased at LV in Bloomingdale's in the same mall about 200 yards away. My question is I have read that no matter the country of origin, all materials and standards are the exact same so why does the MIF silver stamping have a more matte finish while the MIU has a more shiny/glittery color and also the MIF stamping seems more "tight" whereas the MIU stamping looks somewhat sloppy? The wallet on the left is MIU and right is MIF. IMG_3398 2.jpg IMG_3399 2.jpg IMG_3401.jpg IMG_3402.jpg
  2. What's your point exactly?
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  3. I was just wondering why the MIF has a matte stamp with tight lettering while the MIU has a glittery/shiny stamp and sloppy lettering. I noticed they were all like that but the SA kept emphasizing that the materials/spec/standards are all the same no matter the country of production.
  4. I’d keep the MIF one
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  5. I see no difference except the stamp looks clearer, which could happen to any piece any where.
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  6. The French stamp is an exceptionally good one, this kind of leather is hard to stamp, most of my wallets have less beautiful stamps, even though they are from Europe.
    The stitching on the US one is nicer though.
  7. I don't think there is a reason other than that the results of the heat stamp can vary no matter where it came from (there are a few threads here of people who have messy heat stamps where the foil is still around the edges which seems to be the case for the MIU one here). As for the differences in the foil, that may just be due to different suppliers or different batches from the same supplier at different times.
  8. I was going to give one as a gift but decided to give an electronic device instead and return one of the wallets. Of the 2, should I keep the MIF or MIU? Does it matter? Thanks..
  9. Doesn't matter. Whichever one you like more.
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  10. Just to show the differences in stitching between the MIU and MIF wallets that I have. 1st is MIU, 2nd is MIF. Just wanted to share.
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  12. I don't know....I think that when there is heat stamping going on over leather grain with a lot of anatomy, there will never be two of the exact same. Just my thoughts.
  13. I think that it is all the same materials but different manufacturing facilities that produce these products, so the end result will differ from country to country. But, it is quite exceptional stamping on the MIF version.
  14. I would go for the MIF since you have a choice because the silver stamping looks really good and the stitching does look slightly more cleaner straighter and consistent than the MIU. But I don't think MIF in general is more superior to MIU. I've had MIF bag with wonky stitching and the 'made in france' stamp that looks a bit pitted in places.
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  15. By your post it seems like you like the MIF so keep the MIF....