difference in prices LV aroung the world

  1. Can someone pls explain me why and how is the difference on prices ??? it is only the tax or what else?? I was in brasil last year and the prices where almost a 40% more than here in EUROPE I couldn't belive it since the tax here is so high.... I've heard also japan is very expensive what is what makes the price higher is only the tax ??
  2. Tax, import costs for sure, a sort of "dealership" fee, like the investors in each country have to pay LVMH? :shrugs:
  3. I'm not sure, but I know that Hawaii prices are a little less than stateside.
  4. i think france is cheapest...
  5. yes.. price different... France the cheapest
  6. Yeah, the most expensive price is Japan. Japan imported good tax is a bit higher and that's why the the result of the bloody price.
  7. I think that LV has different marketing/pricing regions throughout the world. Hawaii is considered a different region from the rest of the contintental U.S.
    As referenced by Vicky2007, pricing is probably also influenced by import/export policies per countries.....
  8. I agree with peace43, but there is also the currency that is every changing, so Louie is trying to best predict what the currency exchange will be, but it is impossible.
  9. i have some research before

    i compare a Mono Speedy 30 with a few countries...

    come up with... the cheapest > dearest

    France > England > Hong Kong > US > Australia > New Zealand

    this data is retail price with taxes

    please if you have other price of other country, let me know
    and i will update the price compare
  10. from what i know france >spain > italy> singapore> hongkong > US (with tax) > manila
  11. I know that LV counts Hawaii as totally seperate from the continental US (they don't share inventory and items cannot be transferred from one place to another). I think it may be slightly cheaper because they don't have as many price increases as the mainland. Hawaii also has a low sales tax (4.166%)
  12. That is true, in the Netherlands the bags are around 10 euro more expensive than in France, but that's not a big difference
  13. bermuda is cheaper than the us too and no tax
  14. Our tax went up January 01/07 from 4.166 to 4.72% :sad:
  15. tnx guys I have a better idea about this ;)