Difference in ordering from Elux or 866?

  1. When you order from 866 does it come from the same place as when you order from elux? Is it all one big company? I am confused.. sorry.:shrugs:
  2. I believe Elux is owned by LV or at least partially, not 100% sure though......
  3. eLuxury and 866 ship from the same warehouse
  4. do they charge sales tax when you call the 866 number? i know there's an LV boutique in Minneapolis, so i assumed they may charge the 7% sales tax. I've never called and ordered from there, and thinking of doing so in the future (especially if i can't find a specific item not available on elux or in the boutique)... however, since elux is having free shipping until the 18th, so might go that route for some items i've been looking at
  5. Yes -they do charge tax if you have an LV boutique in your state I think.
  6. they do charge sales tax when you call 866, the sales tax of where its being shipped to I believe.
  7. I know Elux ships from Tenn.
    I always thought when you called 866, they would locate an item in a boutique and ship the item from that boutique to your shipping address.

  8. That is what always happens when I order from 866. Just did it last week....they put you in touch with a boutique that has the item you're looking for.
  9. Shipping costs are different for 866 and eLux.
  10. Elux is the sister company to LV as per SA
    Elux is owned in part by LV.....
  11. Um We have a Louis Vuitton store in my city but I order from ELuxury all the time. And the reason?? They DO NOT charge tax AND like now on ELuxury it is FREE shipping! Saves me $82.50 per every $1000 I spend! Thats pretty cool!