Difference in Monogram Canvas - Is this normal?

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  1. Hello TPF'ers!

    I've already searched and goggled this topic prior to starting this thread. However, even though some people say that it is normal and can happen when comparing new canvas to older vintage canvas - it seems that the difference in the monogram canvas for others aren't as noticeable as mine.

    Here are 3 pictures of my Delightful PM from 2012 and my Cles from 2007:




    My Delightful PM is from 2012 and my Cles is from 2007.

    Can you see the noticeable difference between the monogram canvas or is it my imagination?

    It seems the canvas on the Cles is more brown toned and matte whereas the canvas on the Delightful PM has more sheen.

    Is this normal for there to be this much difference between the two?

    Please advise.

    Thank you!!
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    I asked the same question my josephine & emelie wallet one is darker than the other & My SA told me its normal cos they came from different canvas and printed on different occasion..
  3. My clés and speedy from 2003 are quite different then my 2013 sarah wallet and 2011 zcp. I think the canvas is less "bumpy" now. Sa told me this normal?
  4. My Portobello GM and my Speedy Damier reflects the same thing. My speedy is from 2009, and my Portobello is brand new. The colors are a bit different.
  5. Those differences are in DE too, thats why I am really lucky that even my vintage DE looks exactly the same. i personelly like the color of the Delightful better ...
  6. Yes it's normal. My Cles and Speedy 40 differ in color. =)
  7. My toiletry pouch 26 that I just purchased is totally different (not as much sheen and different color brown like your cles) than my toiletry pouch 19 (looks like your bag) that I just purchased. Both of them were made in France and both in 2013.
  8. yes there is a difference between canvas era's
  9. Thank you so much for your replies everyone! I feel much better now :smile: I love them all no matter what! hehehe :P
  10. Happy to have found this thread as my new DA 2013 white squares are "whiter" than a 5 year old DA bag I bought on Yoogi's and I thought I was going nuts. Good to know this is true for all prints!
  11. Would you mind posting a pic of your DA? Just a tad curious..
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    Hard to capture on film but it is noticeable in person (MIF a Speedy 30 2009, MIU NF 2013). Which is why I'm a little hesitant to buy a cles for my DA speedy due to the canvas not matching my recent NF.

  13. I noticed this when I went to the LV store to look at the Artsy MM purse ( the purse canvas was dull) back just last week vs how my co-worker's Artsty MM (her purse had a sheen to the canvas) looks that she purchased about 1.5 ago. If the Artsy MM I saw at the store, had a shine on the canvas I would have brought the purse.
  14. What about a noticeable difference in the straps? same year batignolles vertical vs. horizontal. Vertical seems to be of higher quality.