difference in Iron & Ferro

  1. does anyone know the difference between these two colors? i am looking for a grey BV. I am told that these are both grey. thanks!!
  2. Crouner, welcome! I'm no expert but I remember reading here recently that both names are interchangeable. I think the color was named Ferro first and now it is called Iron. Beautiful color.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, BV experts!
  3. Ferro is probably an Italian translation for Iron.
  4. I think so, too, jane. BTW, I remember reading here that some of the names for the colors were changed. I think Favorite is the same as Corallo? And what was at first called Carmino is now Carmine, etc. I understand translating from the Italian name to English but what's up with Favorite/Corallo? lol

  5. thanks, jane. now i really feel dumb. you are right - i googled it which is what i should have done in the first place! ferro is italian for iron.
  6. 24, Faubourg: thanks for the info!
  7. Crouner, I believe ferro comes in only a few bag styles this year-sloane and roma. There is a wrinkled leather messenger bag that someone posted earlier, and a few items in karung (snake) skin, but limited choices. I was hoping for a ferro veneta, but not going to happen. So, I settled for a pair of ballerina flats. Ferro is very beautiful, subtly metallic.
  8. ouijaboard - you could special order a veneta in ferro, if you really want one. I really wanted something in iron/brass lizard, so ordered a bifold wallet in iron/brass lizard. :graucho:
  9. Oooh...not a bad idea...you really should not be giving me ideas after my spree in vegas. I did not win that much money!

    Was yours a special order? And if so, how long will it take to arrive?
  10. Haha... It's hard to win that much in Vegas. Well, it's hard to win in Vegas period.

    Yes, since they didn't have anything in iron/brass lizard other than the Cabat and the women's shoes, the SA at BV told me to do a special order. So I did! It's going to come with my initials inside the wallet. I forgot to ask how long it would take. Oops.
  11. Wow! You can get your special order personalized! That's worth the extra $$.
  12. Oh, lucky you. The last time I inquired for a SO, they told me the workshops in Italy are undergoing reconstruction and they wouldn`t take any European orders until next year. After that it should take about 4 months...
  13. Wow, uclaboi, this is truly luxury! May I know how much percentage more you have to pay for the special order compared to the original price? Last time in the BV boutique, when I asked about certain style in Magnolia, the SA also advised special order, according to him, it should be 20% more than the original price. Is that true also for the wallet? Thanks!
  14. gemibebe - it's usually a 30% mark up.
  15. I believe as many posted that the two are the same color, the dark gray pewter with a tinge of metallic.

    However, not to forget, there is the Nappa Ferro and then there is the watersnake Ferro! Which is also very very gorgeous...