Difference in bags between stores

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  1. #1 Jun 8, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2016
    Curious, has anyone else ever purchased the same purse from two different stores? More specifically, has anyone else ever experienced something similar to this:

    I purchased the Whiplash Saddle bag in oxblood from Coach a couple months ago, but just recently I purchased one from Nordstrom (through mail). I checked out the bag from Nordstrom and although it had the same design and shape...the color, leather, and quality seemed off. Firstly, the color was a noticeably darker, dark brown compared to the oxblood. Next, the leather was way thinner with the exception of the first large pocket, and the pebbled leather was finely pebbled as well as barely pebbled. The leather felt kind of smooth...like, I have 2 other bags in pebbled leather so I was able to compare all 3 bags to this one. Which, both my saddle and rogue's leather feel exactly the same...but not this bag from Nordstrom. Lastly, the edge coating was messy and ridged in a few places.

    It was so odd, I just couldn't finish unwrapping the rest of the bag and had to return it immediately. Also, as I went to return it I thought maybe I could do an exchange...but when the SA showed me the bags they all were nearly similar to the one I received in the mail.
    I swore I wasn't crazy and imagining things because I obsessed over this bag before I purchased mine a couple months ago. I've touched enough in 3 different stores. I had my friend look it over and she noticed the same differences, too.

    Is this a thing, where stores other than Coach sell slightly different bags? ...I'm a little nervous to not purchase from coach again...

    (Btw, my rogue is starting to split on the edge coating on the inside crease/corner. =_= It's making me anxious that it will spread. Seems like a bad place to put the material on considering the bend. Has this happened to anyone else, too? )
  2. NOt seen them but i do know some departments stores get exclusive colors/styles so sometimes that will cause differences.

    However on your Rogue have you spoke with CS? i would get that either repaired, or exchanged.
  3. That's interesting! I sometimes wonder if they sell the best of the best at the boutique and sell the not so perfect ones at Macy's/Nordstrom and the like. The bags always seem so much nicer at the boutique but maybe that's my imagination??
  4. If you go to the Rogue clubhouse, you'll see others have exactly the same issue; this is why I'm hesitant to buy one, unless the other features of the bag absolutely knock my socks off. Coach customer care should be able to take care of you though, since that's obviously a defect. When I examined the two Rogues that I ordered, the place you describe does seem rather weak even without use.
  5. Do they really? Last time I called up about an issue for a bag they told me they can't do anything and that I need to bring it into a store so they can determine whether to send it to them or not. So this time I took it to the closest store without calling, first. One of the SAs didn't think it was a big deal because "you can barely notice it". I mean they are small and not peeling, but 3 sides have completely split down to the leather like the photo in the rogue club... I just decided to wait to see if it gets worse (which this has happened on other leather goods before where it did get worse...), but if it's a defect I might try to give them a call again.

    Thank you for the suggestion.
  6. That's what I was thinking...or altogether they sell first what they deem good. This bag has been out for a while so its stock might be dwindling real low?
  7. I have not although I may give them a call now. I was hesitant to first do it because what I was told in the past. Now I'm nervous to because the store I went to told me it was small and not a big issue...so I guess they didn't want to send it off. I thought I just had to wait it out till it got worse. :/
  8. Maybe try visiting another store? You wouldn't want to wait too long-otherwise they'll think it's just normal wear and tear, like you caused it. I had a large croc embossed navy Swagger, that split in the corner the first time I wore it; took it into a store, and since they could see I barely even got it for long, they gave me a new one on the spot. I think it all depends on who you talk to, and which store. Good luck!
  9. I would most definitely press the issue again, speak with a manager if needed, even call CS and go into a store ..they have a warranty, these are not cheap bags, they should stand behind it.
  10. This happened to me. I ordered a Coach 1941 Saddle bag in Burnished Bordeaux from Nordstrom since they have good return/exchange policy but realized I like to have the bag monogrammed so I also ordered one from Coach Store and returning the one from Nordstrom. Both came at the same time. I could not believe what I saw! They are the same Saddle bag, color and size but the materials are different as well as the strap colors. The one from Coach store is all smooth glovetanned leather and the other from Nordstrom is mix of smooth (flap and back of bag)and pebbled leather (like the one from Rogue) and smooth leather. The strap from the Nordstrom is red on one side and Bordeaux on the other. I wrote a review at Nordstrom website and until now its has not been posted. Then all of a sudden, they added more detailed pictures on their website.
    This got me thinking...
    One more thing, I noticed that the Oxblood Rouge is soldout now at the Coach store but Nordstrom still has them in stock but the color of the handle is different than my Oxblood from the Coach store. I like Coach and only had 3 Coach bags the past 7 years but recently splurged on the 1941s.
  11. I'm confused why they would need to further confuse the customer with slight variations in the 1941 collection at department stores. I am looking at Nordstrom now and they have tons of the 1941 bags, except for the tea rose rogue. If I had purchased them from Nordstrom under the same model number or name I'd want the same bag. I don't understand how it would be beneficial to offer inferior or markedly different product at this price point to your wholesalers.
  12. It's odd and it drives me insane. I shop around a lot and after purchasing a bag from another store, I'm starting to think they ship damaged or lesser quality bags to smaller/unpopular stores as well. I've had issues with all but one bag from the store near me. All of these bags were ones they didn't carry in store so they were ordered for me.

    In addition, I was sent a a pretty out of shape/used tea rose dinky with a defect from coach online when they were nearly sold out. I second guessed not getting it during the PCE so I ended up paying full price for lesser quality.

    I wish there was more consistency and care from coach. I get super anxious bringing up issues, but at this point I feel like I'm wasting money/time because I'm accepting problematic bags for a price that doesn't even match the quality...ontop of getting false advice from SAs that leaves me past return with not so great bags.

    I must have the worst luck.
  13. Have you ever written a letter to their customer service? Not to get any action taken, just a "I think you should be aware of your low level of customer service" type of letter. It may be therapeutic even if not effective in getting you a better quality bag.

    I wanted the tea rose rogue when the Mother's Day PCE was on, but I talked myself out of it because I'd just gotten a different bag after a yearlong wait that was dangerously expensive, to my mind ($340!...sort of laughable now?), at the time. So I will be very unhappy to receive my tea rose rogue in anything less than stellar condition, as I am paying full price for the first time for any bag. I cannot imagine how I'd feel if I'd been yolked around as you seem to have.
  14. I think it'd have been very impractically financially for them to inspect, and sort all the defective bags one by one for department stores. As it is Coach in question, I believe their quality control is just not very good; it's not that weird for department stores to receive "special edition" bags that're only exclusive to them-Bloomingdales had that with the smaller Tatum totes.

    Personally, I haven't bought much other than from the FP stores, just because I want to give my local boutique business; however, the bags I purchased from SAS were all perfect, and very few had any problems whatsoever. Most likely ordering during PCE when stock is plentiful, just gives you more options for choosing bags in great condition.
  15. I must have the worst luck, honestly. :/ Within the past year I've only purchased from a FP store either before a PCE or during the first few days of PCE with the exception of that dinky and the Nordstrom bag. All of my bags/accesories from that one store in particular, whether it be in their stock or is ordered for me(which all but 3 items I've purchased were not carried in store) have/had something wrong with them. I suffer anxiety so I've dealt with it or I've tried to listen to the advice from these SAs when I do feel I want to bring it up. Quality issues have occurred way too much for me within such a small amount of time that it has ruined my experience with Coach. Even the fact that I can't seem to get the ease of help that others on here get. I feel like I'm doing something wrong all the time with them. Despite all this, I was lucky enough to have found a store that I feel better about when I purchased my tea rose saddle. I think I'll just keep trying with this new store...I eventually want a tea rose rogue aswell, but have been putting it off due to these experiences and the price point. Hopefully, not many people experience this many issues in a row.

    Thanks you guys for your input and suggestions.
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