Difference btwn the Twiggy and Box?

  1. Hi all, I'm relatively new here since I'm coming from the LV thread, but I'm loving all the colors of the Bbags! I've already asked questions in the "Authenticate This" thread for a lilac box, but I'm curious as to what the difference is between a Twiggy and Box? How much more room is there with the Twiggy?

    Here are two auctions I'm watching:

    Twiggy: eBay: Authentic Balenciaga Twiggy Bag LILAC New Handbag NWT (item 300039085267 end time Nov-15-06 16:22:08 PST)

    Box: eBay: Authentic Balenciaga the BOX Lilac Bag New handbag 2006 (item 300047135292 end time Nov-15-06 14:03:22 PST)

    Your opinions? Thanks!
  2. twiggy and the box is 2 different style and size.
    have you seen this site :
    it's a great site for references on balenciaga bags.
  3. I think the box is slightly smaller than the twiggy. However most people prefer the box to the twiggy.

    I actually prefer the twiggy. The box is too boxy for me.
  4. welp, i think they hold the same amount, the twiggy's longer, but the box is deeper :smile:...i had a twiggy, but the shape wasn't working on me...it felt uncomfortable to carry due to the uneven weight distribution...so, i sold it & now i have 2 boxes which i adore :love: