Difference btwn Josephine PM & GM?

  1. some one please enlighten me. lol

    I looked at both models and not sure what the diff is!!

  2. Also, Which model is this? PM OR GM?

    thanks in advaaaanceee!!

  3. gm is bigger?
  4. Just the size..

    PM: small petite model
    GM: big Grande model
  5. ^^That is a pic of the PM
  6. thank you all!

    u guys rock!

    PM is what I am looking for. great!

  7. GM bigger than PM

    See my pics.

    The blue one in GM ( D 7.25"X H 9.25" X W 13.75" )
    and Navy is PM ( D 6"X H 7.5" X W 10.75" )
    SSL10677.JPG SSL10733.JPG
  8. the pic you posted is actually the gm. If you compare to lvgodiva's post, the GM (denim color) has 7 LVs across like your picture and the dark blue has 5 I think.

  9. i love your bags.. and your backyard is HOT!!!
  10. yours is GM.

    another difference is on the strap where it attaches to the body of the purse, there are two rivets on the GM and only one on the PM.
  11. quick question... i own the josephine GM in navy and the SA told me the GM size is discontinued?? is that true...? or is she crazy? (because it was probably her first day, she was NOT very knowledgeable!)
  12. yeah as far as i know the GM is discontinued, i believe since last year.
  13. actually everything in the mono mini line is discontinued, the stuff on elux is what is left over.. so grab what you want fast!!
  14. I want a mini navy - in the sold navy color, in the Jospehine GM -it's on my list!!!!! It is such a classy purse!!! I am jealous of all you owners!!!