Difference btw Kristins???

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  1. Can someone please explain the differences in the Kristin leather/woven hobo vs the Kristin leather/woven baby sage? Are they the same purse? I see the hobos are priced around $150 on the FOS. I like the style of the purse but I'm worried that the "ears" will stay stiff and stand up more than sag like I would like them too.

    If anyone has anyone comparison pics that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance everyone.
  2. One is a hobo and one is a satchel
    Not the same purse

    I have 5 satchels and LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE them
    Below is a pic of the satchels in woven
  3. The Hobos are not as wide or deep as the Satchels... here's some side shots to give you a better idea. If you want the "ears" to sag, I think the satchel is more likely to do that than the hobo, IMO.


  4. Ok thanks so I definitely want the satchel.

  5. be careful...they addictive ;)
  6. I have both now. Just uploaded this. The red is a baby sage and the pink (shell) is the hobo. IMO hobo is smaller and simpler, baby sage has more details to it. Both are gorgeous. I think the baby sage is more expensive than the hobo maybe due to the size.

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  7. I know that for a fact!! And I don't need #6 !!
  8. Oh sorry, got your choice now. Enjoy! :smile:

  9. jajajajaj nor do i ;):graucho:
  10. Why do I feel like my weekends will be spent at the outlet from now on. The FOS is pricing the satchel at $250 hopefully I can find it cheaper at the outlet.

    My only problem will be the hubby won't be happy with any more addictions, I have far too many already.

  11. The Hobo is pretty but too skinny for me, makes it smaller inside. The BS is nice and round like it's name. The ears will come down with a little training and as the leather softens.

    Depending on the color you want, these have been in the outlets for a few months and are fast disappearing, and my outlet only had the scarlet and the cocoa last time I was there. So you might call your outlet and ask what colors they have in case you want to order from the FOS.
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    Last I saw the Woven BS's were $209 at the outlets.. The outlet prices are always less than the FOS unless the outlet stops offering the extra 30% coupon. I found my Champagne BS at the outlet, but it was the only BS in the store at the time.

  13. Im not paying attention to your Kristin photo...not with your main photo looking at me all sexy...

  14. I know right. I especially like the one from several months ago with the white hat.
  15. I love this color.