Difference btw Ivory and Off-White Paddy?

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  1. ok, i'm totally color-blind when it comes to looking at pictures on my monitor, but can someone clear up whether the Ivory Paddy on BG is different from the Off-White on NAP? someone said that the Ivory was from last season, but if that's the case, why would BG have them on pre-order? if they are different, which do you prefer?

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  2. The ivory paddy is really white....and the off white paddy is darker and would be catagorized as a really light beige. i personally think the off white is more beautiful.
  3. They are the same colour, it's just that this particular BG photo is computer-generated like some of LVR's are. This colour is officially known as blanc, other names include ivory, off-white, dirty white and white...;) Also just to clarify, NAP hardly use the official colour name and instead describe the colour themselves, ex. BLANC - off-white; GRENAT - wine red; NOIR - dark grey; BLEU NUIT - midnight blue; BLEU CLAIR - light blue etc. And BG probably hadn't received the official names from Chloe yet, just swatches so had to use whichever name they pleased.
  4. thanks, Diorella for the informative reply. now here's a second question. which photo is showing the bag in its "true" color? i much prefer the whiter shade as show in the BG photo than the NAP which is more cream.
  5. Diorella, thanks. I have one on order from BG (still haven't decided whether I'm going to keep it) and wasn't sure about the difference in the color. Good to know!
  6. I vote the off white
  7. I saw the off white one today, it's exactly the same as the picture. I think the ivory one was from last season. That was what the SA told me. She said the previous season bag (i assume she meant the ivory one) is whiter than the current off-white one. The off white is beautiful!
  8. Just called the Chloé boutique in SCP; they're referring to it as "cream". A delicious color for a delicious bag.

    The one I had ordered from BG is now on status of "delayed". According to the customer service rep, they can't confirm when or even if they're getting them. So I put my name on a waiting list at the Chloé boutique. The SA said it would be probably a couple of months which will be perfect timing.
  9. That's strange, when I went to Chloe South Coast, the SA put me down for the "bone" color. I'm assuming that's the white/cream color, since that's what I asked for.
  10. Off white, very adaptable.