Difference btw. 2 bags...? Need ur help guys

  1. Hey guys... :heart:

    I need your help because you know best!

    What bag do I receive if I go into the next Chloé Boutique in NYC (or to NM..? i.e) and ask if they have a small, black Paddington...? And what prize do I have to expect?

    Do you have any pictures? Because I just can't see through all these different bags... (but all are just gorgeous!)

    Thank you for any help! :nogood: :supacool:
  2. Fayy, the small paddington is known as the baby or mini, its this bag here


    The most popular paddington, it the regular (medium) paddington bag / satchel, and that is the one seen on most people :smile:

    piccies here, and everywhere really!!


    if you go to the all about paddingtons thread here,


    it will help you decide which is the perfect one for you

    hope that helps

    There is a big difference in the size, and the medium is made in much larger quantities, so