difference between??

  1. i might sound veyr dumb seeing as there are chanel experts all round - but what is the difference between classic and double flap?
  2. The Classic medium HAS double flap as well as Reissues

    The Classic JUMBO size does NOT have a flap
  3. Its not a dumb question at all, I found all the flap talk very confusing too when I first fell in Chanel Love.

    Piccies here illustrate very well :smile:

    This is the medium/large, which comes with a double flap


    The jumbo, once you open it, doesnt have an inner flap :smile:
  4. i was wishing someone would pu up a pic - lol hnk u so much it has helped me alot!:tup:
    i think im finally gonna tk the plunge and go for a medium flap caviar in beige with gold - howz tht sound for a first chanel?? :graucho:
  5. Sounds great! But i would definitely go for the caviar leather if you are getting beige.
  6. hi all, another greenhorn here too.
    so medium/large refers to medium size and jumbo refers to large size?
  7. yup as i said caviar leather - i have seen he bag and it is abs. GORGEOUS! i gold and beige r juss made for each other cant wait - the ppl at the shop say they can get it for me frm france in 15 days!! yuppiieeee -
  8. Congrats- sounds beautiful!

  9. Nope, those naughty Chanel peeps like to confuse us ;). The medium or large is actually the same bag, some people call it large, as there is nothing between the medium and Jumbo, but if you ask for a large, it would be construed as the medium bag!

    The jumbo, is just always known as the jumbo lol :biggrin:
  10. ooh Fantastic first Choice :tup:

    These 15 days sure are gonna drag.

    Cant wait to see your piccies when you have this baby in your hands :smile:
  11. I see! thanks for the information! ;)
  12. haha thts true - first i have to wait for the nest weekend to order it since its in a shop in a city near mine - lol and then 15 days!! pheww - but u can be sure tht ull be the first ones to see my bag! maybe even before my family lol! so watch this space :biggrin: