Difference between tights and leggings?

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  1. I don't get it. Many posters on PF have noted their distain for leggings this Fall. So last night as my boyfriend and I were driving to a gathering of friends for dinner, my boyfriend noted how cute I looked (nice of him to notice). I was wearing an Ella Moss top (in olive) from Anthropologie, layered over various t's, a simple short black skirt from Lucy, Spanx cropped tights, and cute (IMO) Tsubo wedges.

    I was left to wonder, are my cropped Spanx tights leggings or tights? If they are leggings, what's not to love about this look?

    Lucy Skirt


    Spank (in brown)

    Tsubo Wedges
  2. Those are leggings IMO. Tights go all the way down. Tights keep your legs warm all the way to your toes, leggings keep your legs warm.

    I wouldn't have worn that outfit because it's not really me, but I'm sure you wore it well.
  3. Those look like leggings to me.

    To me, tights are like pantyhose but thicker and warmer and not as uncomfortable! :smile:
  4. Tights have got 'feet' -- like nylon hose!
  5. Well, I have "footless" tights so I don't think tights have to cover your feet. Legging material is much thicker than tights. What you have looks like leggings to me.
  6. I vote leggings as well.
  7. i vote tights.

    leggings are for warmth/heavier fabric, like heavy cotton

    tights are made of this type of stretchy material, see thru or not.

  8. Tights or leggings can be footless. Tights are lighter weight than leggings. I'm fairly sure your spanx are tights and not leggings.
    I am also one of the few PF'ers who think tights are cute and need not be limited to teenagers!
    The are perfect for fall under a cute dress with flats. I love this look!
  9. "Tights are a type of leg coverings fabric extending from the waist to feet" ...

    Source: Wikipedia.

    Quick Links: Historical background - Examples of current use - Athletic use
  10. leggings, for sure!
  11. In the late '80s/early '90s, leggings were always thick enough that you could wear them without something covering your bottom. But now, some leggings are barely thicker than an opaque, footless tight.

    These have a seam down the leg, so I would say they're leggings.

    Opaque footless/cropped tights generally don't have.

    I also don't understand what the stigma is against leggings. I'd say they're a good way of making shorter skirts wearable by more people, in a variety of different climates; which can only be a good thing, IMO! :shrugs:
  12. Actually, these tights and all of my footless tights do not have seems. I don't much care whether they are called tights or leggings; I still love the look under a skirt.

    I think it is sort of funny how so many gals on PF hate leggings, but most of them, I suspect, don't object so much to tights. So my theory is that many people just don't like the whole footless thing - that's the part that I think is so cute.
  13. I don't like leggings because I think it looks dated. I'm in my twenties so I already wore this look once in my life. And it was such a huge trend that I don't want to do it again.

    Now, ballet flats, on the other hand, are a trend from the same time period, and I am glad to have them back :smile:

    If acid washed spandex jeans came back again, I wouldn't hop back onto that trend. I feel the same about them as leggings. Been there, done that, made fun of the pictures five years later... now don't tell me after 15 years I have to wear it all over again!

  14. I'm sure I can see a seam down the inner leg...? :shrugs:

    Spank (in brown)

  15. Leggings have been in fashion, so often, throughout history, because they are a comfortable, practical garment.

    I would even dispute that they should be labeled a trend. If they should, then tights (pantyhose) should be labeled a trend, as well...:yes:

    Medieval Knights wore chain-mail ones under their armour, for goodness sake! :lol:

    Fashion prejudice! :roflmfao: Very un-PC. :upsidedown:

    I don't think that's a fair comparison. Leggings are a comfortable, practical garment in their own right. Acid wash is a very specific denim treatment.

    A fairer comparison would be leggings with jeans, in general.

    I have a rule to never take the mickey out of 'old' fashions. Every time I see people do it on TV, the thing they're ridiculing is back 6 months later!

    Sometimes, by the time the show is aired, the fashion is already back! :roflmfao:

    Watching comedy shows is a brilliant way to forecast trends! :lol: