Difference between these two? 8B15 and 10205

  1. The first one comes up in the drilldown and the second does not. Not really sure if that means the 2nd isn't real, so you might want to wait for more opinions!
  2. ^ I agree. I did a drilldown and the first one shows up and the second does not..

    Also the first one looks more structured.. but then it just might be the way the bags positioned..

    Need a third opinion!
  3. I could be wrong but I 'think' that one was made specifically for the outlets (the one that does not show up in the drilldown) and the other was for the boutiques and online. I'd call Coach, give them both numbers and ask what the difference is. I remember quite a while back that someone said the outlet leather wasn't as nice as the boutique leather. Again, don't know if that's true, just what I remember!
  4. I'd always choose the one that matches the drilldown....and it's a nice bag =)
  5. I own this bag and bought it from the Coach outlet store. I just checked my bag and the number is 10205. However, my bag is leather and the description on eBay says that the bag is canvas and corduroy. This was not made in canvas. Just for a heads up, I paid $90 for this bag in April at the Seattle outlets.
  6. I just took another look at the bag in the eBay auction. The strap on my bag looks different...much thinner with a bigger drop.
  7. I have seen this bag recently at Off Fifth (Saks outlet) and at Nordstrom Rack. You might want to look around before you buy off eBay.
  8. oh wow.. 10205 is from outlets.. and only 90$? OH MY!! i love the style of the purse i have it in a hello kitty character =P

    on ebay they auction for about 100 so its not bad because they are new.

    i like the fact its all leather! i guess i will go for the f815 since i am in love with coachs soft leather anyone want to sell theirs? =)