Difference between the elastic and the quilted Stam?

  1. What is the difference between the "elastic" and the quilted Stam? Someone please explain. :confused1:
  2. the regular quilted stams are made with calfskin as opposed to patent leather. aside from the shinier finish and more wrinkled texture, the material itself is sort of stretchy, which makes sense since it's supposed to be elasticized. the leather on the quilted stams are thicker and the color more matte. i prefer the look of the original stams, but the elastic style comes in richer colors like plum and emerald. hth!
  3. Great question! I was wondering the same thing:p
  4. hey, thanks for the explanation. I was wondering the same thing (!) since i've been eyeing them (was eventually just going to pick by color)--and yes, do love the rich colors on the elastic stams! :heart: I keep going back and forth b/w MJ stam or Balenciaga...(eventually both :smile: They're such different bags...