difference between the classic jumbo flap in the year 2000 and of the ones now

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  1. Can someone tell me what is the difference b/w those made in the year of 2000 of the classic caviar jumbos and those of this year?
  2. Hi, I'm not an expert, but if I remember right, the older ones have heavier and thicker chains. The chains on the newer ones are "skinner" and the whole bag is not as heavy. I'm sure other tPF members will have more ideas.
  3. Also, don't the older ones have maroon leather inside?
  4. Older ones have bigger CC logo??
  5. does anyone have a photo of the jumbo in the year of 2000? That would help a lot.
  6. I have a black classic jumbo flap with a id# beginning with 6. I think that is from 2001-2002? Comparing it to some of my my others there are some slight differences. My interior on my black one is black not red...I think styles older than 2000 had the red interior. My interior zipper pull on my older one has a circle with a CC in the middle. The openings where the chain comes through are bigger on the older one. Bottom of the interior has the seam down the center and my newer ones do not. The CC is slightly different from my newer ones. The flap in the front is shorter than newer ones at about 4.5 inches long. However the details of the black one from 2001-2002 are the same as my pink one with an ID that starts with a 9 which is from 2004-2005. All of my flaps that begin with a 10 or higher (2005 to now) are different in these ways from my pink and black one from the 2001-2002 and 2004-2005 seasons. I can post pics if it helps once my camera battery charges.
  7. Only the black lambskin classic flaps have maroon leather lining. Black caviar classic flaps have black leather lining.

    The maroon color on authentic bag is very dark red color. It's easy to spot fake bag by comparing the lining color on black lambskin.

    Also lately, I think, black lambskin Kelly is considered classic bag since the old black lambskin Kelly has black leather lining but the new one has maroon lining.
  9. I'll check when I get home and take pics...mine is silver though not gold as my hardware on all my flaps is silver. I would imagine the 6 and 7 bags are the same.

  10. Yes my inner zipper says EP on both sides. Here are some pics of that and other details I mentioned.
    DSC004870002.jpg DSC004890004.jpg DSC004910006.jpg DSC004920007.jpg DSC0049300080009.jpg
  11. Thanks so much Blkladylaw for all the information and pictures. U assure me that i got an anthentic one from eBay ! Thanks a million... do u mind telling me around how much u paid in 2001-2002? I paid around $910 for that purse, is it a good deal?
    thanks again.
  12. I got this secondhand and I think I paid somewhere between $700 or $800 but $910 is a good deal especially considering todays prices.
  13. the cc logos for older bags are bigger and somehow thicker ( the width of the logo. hope this helps.