Difference between stores

  1. What is the difference between a factory store and an outlet? I don't have either one near me. TIA:crybaby:
  2. they're the same thing
    aw, i feel your pain about not having one nearby
  3. Yes, it really sucks not to have an outlet nearby. At least we do have a Macy's which does carry a lot of Coach (thank God), but my closest outlet is in Lancaster, Pa, about an hour away. I went there this past Saturday, it's not so bad, only an hour. But it would be nice to have an outlet that I could just go to within a few miles. Thanks for the info!;)
  4. My closest one right now is about 3 1/2 hours away so I feel your pain. Lancaster used to be an hour and 45 min away from me but so was Rehobeth so I would usually go there (no sales tax).

  5. Yeah, no sales tax and a great deal on a Coach bag=HEAVEN!!!:yes:
  6. Factory and Outlet are the same. Sometimes we'll even say it as "Factory Outlet".

    I feel your pain, I don't have any Coach Outlets here in AZ. The nearest Outlet is 6 hrs away in CA! Yikes!
  7. i wish we have an outlet here in /Az too.
  8. We just got an outlet here in El Paso, tx in Oct. and it doesn't get so much in from the retail stores.

    I went to San Marcos (8 hours away) and they had so much
    citron legacy, belted plum, gold sig. totes, so sooo sooooooo much...

    I want to move.
  9. San Marcos is a dreamy store :love:
  10. Maybe we can meet up at Lancaster sometime after I come back.
  11. Sounds like a plan!!
  12. Does the mean you got the job?
  13. Unfortunately I haven't heard anything yet. But I'm pretty sure we'll end up back there eventually. If this job isn't offered to me, I'll just have to keep looking :s