Difference Between SS07 Expandable and PNY Expandable?

  1. I waitlisted for the SS07 White Expandable bag :wlae:and i was wondering what is the difference between this and the PNY expandable Flap.:confused1: I also attached pictures. Any help would be greatly appreciated. From the second pic, it looks like the bag is being drangged down, and the flap is being "pulled up". hope that makes sense. Any PNY flap owner, please help! TIA...:p
    ss a34329 y01969 74111.jpg PNY expandable flap.jpg
  2. Hey kouki! I have a black PNY flap. Both bags ar quite similar, except this new one is more E/W while PNY is more N/S, KWIM?
  3. I don't know how the new one will look when actually carried with stuff in it, but that second photo does show how the last season bag often looks. I know exactly what you are talking about, but it doesn't look bad on her, does it?
  4. I think the new style looks like a less distressed leather. The pny had leather very distressed like the vintage line. I also think the new one is a little smaller, which would be good on this style. I had the dk white pny flap and it looked way too huge in the light color. Although it's gorgeous in the black and gold colors. I doubt you'd be able to find the pny.
  5. Both bags are great. I would love to find a dark colored PNY bag.
  6. Perhaps this is a dumb question, but is the new expandable bag made of leather? Because I was under the impression (from this photo and others) that it is made of fabric or nylon.
  7. the PNY ligne also almost always has that metal plate that says 'paris new york' on it. they are both made from leather, but the pny expandable was also made in all nylon, i think.
  8. Yes, Neiman's carried the PNY in all black nylon. It was really nice.
  9. Thank you ladies for clearing any doubts i have rgd this two expandable flap. i cant wait to see the new expandable flap irl!
  10. I love that bag!! Anyone know how much the SS07 Expandable is?
  11. The SS 2007 expendable is $2275. It comes in black, navy blue, and dark white. I just came back from my boutique's trunk show. Few items that are TDF but the expendable collection was one of them!!
  12. I put myself on the list for this bag today. I am SO in love with how it looks on Maria and on the website. I may be a little confused because my SA was kind of strange... and slow.... with the answers to my questions. I said I wanted the SS07 expandable flap. He gave me three different prices for three bags. I concluded that the one I want is $2595 or thereabouts (according to him) and not $2275. Are there three styles in that line? I know there's the one more like a tote or bucket that I saw in navy, and then he seems to be saying there are two flaps? Also, he said the flap only comes in black, white, and pink. If anyone can straighten me out, I'd be most appreciative! I think I might want a different SA.
  13. Can anyone tell me the difference between the PNY expandable bag and the new expandable?
  14. I was told that the expandable flap only comes in one size then I saw someones PNY expandable flap and am wondering whether this a smaller version?? If they are 2 different bags, what is the price difference?

    Also, I was told that the calfskin on the expandable is durable and wanted to make sure that this is true...could I use this bag everyday?
  15. There's slight designs variations and hardware differences consmetically.