Difference Between Small City & Town


Nov 28, 2012
Hi Everyone!

Who can tell me the difference between the SMALL CITY and the old TOWN BALs? Did one just replace the other.

Did BAL do away with the TOWN?
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Miss World

Nov 6, 2006
The City Small is a small version of the Classic City. It's small, rectangular and has a long crossbody strap. It's a little more roomier than the Town bag. The Town is a different shape and deeper. They are pretty much the same size and The City Small replaced The Town bag which is being discontinued. It's a shame because the Town is such a pretty bag.


May 18, 2014
Republic of OneRepublic
The Small is like a bigger version of the mini city (and a smaller version of the regular City). The Town is taller than the Small (height) but it is not as deep as the Small (depth). So the Town looks slimmer when worn as a crossbody whereas the Small sticks out more from the body. At first glance, I thought the Small is the smaller of the two but the SA said that it probably holds as much as the Town because of it's depth. The Bal site lists the dimensions for the Town -- 9.4 (h) by 13.3 (w) by 3.1 (d) whereas the dimensions for the Small -- 8.2 (h) x 11.7 (w) by 3.9 (d).
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Mar 29, 2006
It's closer in spirit and function to the Town and the regular City, and not like the Mini. To me the Mini is a "cute" and limited-occasion bag, whereas the Small City is an everyday bag option, capable of holding a full-size wallet, for example. To me it's a perfect recent entry into the Bal line, and I like it more than the Town because of its proportions.