Difference between Simple Pump and Elisa?

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  1. Are the Simple Pump and Elisa styles exactly the same (toebox, etc.) except the Elisa has a thinner heel than the Simple Pump? Or are there other differences I'm not seeing? Thanks!
  2. The toeboxes are different as well. The toebox of the Simple is round, while that of the Elisa has a "lifted", more defined margin, as you can see here

    The Elisa is a bit sexier than the Simple, IMO. But you must watch your step with that thin heel. It won't break :smile:, but it can get stuck in all sorts of small cracks, escalator stair grate, etc.
  3. I think I see, so an even more extreme version of the Fifi's toebox, no?
  4. Fifi's toebox is rounder, while Elisa's has a visible edge.
  5. Great, thanks! This is so helpful!