Difference between seasonal and limited edition.

  1. Hi there

    I was wondering if anyone could explain the difference between a seasonal and limited edition. All this talk of LE and Seasonal has left me scratching my head :confused1:

    Maybe we need to start an LV dictionary thread for the reference section.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. i think they're the same. the limited edition items are released according to season
  3. Thanks... its just that i read another post in which someone had mentioned that their SA told them the Dentelle line is seasonal and not a limited edition... which made me assume that there was a difference.:s
  4. i always just presumed they were the same thing. maybe with seasonal they get more than one shipment of something, as opposed to a one shot

  5. ^^ That's what I'm thinking.. for Limited, they only produce a certain ## of the item, whereas for Seasonal, they would have more of that particular item. Does that make any sense to you? :sweatdrop:
  6. My understanding of it would be LE items are numbered. Such as the dj bag from last season and such. The seasonal items would be such things as the Mirior or Cerises.
  7. Seasonal items maybe sold throughout the year with a higher volume may also go into a second year. Limited Edition items are just that only a few hundred items are numbered and sold in one release date. It will be far more scarce to find a LE after it's release date.
  8. I think the difference is in the length of production time. Seasonal vernis colors are produced for a certain period, say, six months, and that's it. LE pieces have a limited order, so when that order has been produced (for example 1000 pieces), production stops. These are all hypotheticals, but it is easier to find a seasonal item than a LE item.
  9. I say Jane explained it very well!

    Perfect examples everyone
  10. limited is only so many made, for the entire world. So that could be 1000 made thats it, if they sell in 2 days thats it thats all No more will be made. seasonal... just that. Not limited to how many are made but only going to be made during that season. The more that sell the more they make, and available until they're gone.
  11. Thank you so much everyone.
  12. For example in 2004, the were alot of "specialty thedas" such ostich, suede etc. - those I consider LEs whereas the mono and MC thedas I think were seasonal. The LEs to me are usually alot more "custom" made in more specialty fabrics, leathers and are produced in a restricted number and usually it takes being on a wait list and then they are gone.

    For denim, the red lizard pieces to me were LE . . . the first denims may have been seasonal and then when denim did so well LV decided to make it a more permanent line and expanded collection.

    For cerises, there also were pieces with lizard that to me were more LE then I though cerises seemed to be seasonal, then almost permanent and now it is gone so it seems more limited.

    Interesting though, I think LV does seem to change what is limited or seasonal based on sales although - at first when the murakami mc came out, I bought some first pieces and was told it was limited edition (just the basics not with special leathers) and then later they decided to make it more a permanent collection. . . now it is their bread and butter.

    I think last season the mono/leopard pieces honoring Stephen Sprouse are LE.
  13. i think with limited edition stores only get 1 shipment of items and seasonal they get many shipments
  14. yes, but the Groom line is considered a limited edition all right? However, I think there will be different shipments. Items which are produced in a very limited quantity are just limited items. However, Amarante or Pomme d'amour are seasonal colours for the vernis line. Monogram Dentelle, Perfo, Miroir were extracted from the fashion show, so they can also be considered seasonal items. that is my way of thinking !
  15. ^:yes::yes:Thats what my SA told me!!!!