Difference between Salmon and Coral???

  1. Hi All! I am in desperate need of a Nikki and am looking for some help. Does anyone happen to have comparison pics of the salmon and coral? I am looking for a bag that can be worn year round, which one do you guys suggest? Also, it looks like the salmon has gunmetal hardware which I would prefer, but not for an extra $300, especially if the colors are not that far off from each other. Here are the links...the first one is coral, and the second two are both supposedly salmon although the second one almost looks coral? Help me out please!!



  2. coral seems to have a pearlish pink under tone, really pretty color IMO. Haven't seen a salmon in person.
  3. Thanks for the reply! So I wonder if the salmon has more of an orange undertone? The Nikki will be my first RM (:yahoo:) so I want it to be perfect!!
  4. The coral seems brighter to me, the salmon more muted, but I'm afraid to judge by computer colors.
  5. ITA, it's so hard to judge just by the pic, especially when the salmon looks so different in those two links. To me, the salmon seems like it would be better all year round and the coral better for the summer, but that's only if the salmon is actually darker!
  6. I've only seen Coral IRL, not Salmon, but I can tell you that Coral is more orangey than pink, for sure. And it's very bright! Pretty, but definitely not subtle. I hope that helps!
  7. That actually helps a lot, thanks! I am looking for a bag that is more orange than pink...So then maybe the salmon is a darker version of coral with gunmetal? :thinking:
  8. i have a coral bag, and i think it's kind of 'neon' bright. it's great for summer. i did wear it in the winter a few times, but i think it's not really a year-round bag. the description of it as 'pearly' is accurate too.

    i know that compared to papaya (another orange/pink bag that came out around the same time as coral), it had more pink in it. the papaya was much more orange and perhaps not as bright or 'pearly'

    i know the color may not be for everyone but somehow i love it.
  9. Oh boy, now I am thoroughly confused, LOL. I looked up pictures of papaya and to me it looked super orange. I like orange, but I like the orange with pink. Do you think the coral bag would look good with black, purple, or navy blue? Thanks for your input as well!
  10. I had a Papaya MAM and it's REALLY ORANGE! Almost a reddish orange. . .

    My DD has a Coral MAMM and it's gorgeous! I love the pinkish hue to it. She does wear it with a lot of stuff. . .
  11. It's difficult to say because colors can look so different from computer to computer. I have seen the salmon and to me the color is more like the Nikki at zoeybloom.net. The one on the Nordstrom website seems darker with more reddish tones than the one that I saw. I wouldn't say that the salmon is very orange in color, but if I am remembering correctly, it is brighter than the one on the Nordstrom website.
  12. I haven't seen the coral IRL, but I have a salmon bag. Salmon is like a deep pink with some orange tones. It really is kind of like uncooked salmon. A lot of the pics online aren't too accurate. For some reason there were a lot of light pink photos of salmon...which was quite misleading.
  13. Zoey bloom is very accurate at depicting the true color on pics. Personally coral looks more pastel like than salmon does and has more pink IMO. I personally prefer salmon- the color is heavily saturated and the antique hw is just amazing!
  14. Thanks for all of your replies!!! I JUST ordered my bag, I ended up going with the coral Nikki. I got it NWT for $325, which definitely beats the $595 (minus any coupon codes) for the salmon. This will be my first RM and I can't wait! :yahoo:I am a tiny bit nervous about the color, but I figured the only way to know for sure is to buy it, so we'll see!!
  15. Post pictures when you get your bag. I am sure that it will be just beautiful, and the price you paid is fantastic! Congratulations on your first RM - you soon will be as hooked on RM as the rest of us! :smile: