Difference between roche and sage?

  1. What's the difference between these two colors? Saw both of them on different pics here and they look really similar....don't they? Or am I just color blind? :confused1:

    Thought sage is more like green and roche is more like grey :confused1: Chloé colors...allways confusing :s
  2. Nobody knows?

    Unfortunately I haven't seen both colors IRL....

    Please tell me...:yes:
  3. Haven't seen anything in "sage." The roche is a putty, grayish, brownish color. :confused1: I have it in the small paddy wallet. It's very pretty, very neutral...Erica from hgbags or roz from roz77772002 (both on eBay) could help. They both know the colors from Chloe...
  4. I've never heard about "Sage"."Roche"(=rock,stone)is a dark grey with some brown,sometimes it looks,grey,taupe,sometimes it's like kaki(deep brown/ green)It's a nice color.
  5. Never seen sage either. But the discription for Roche is right on, its a very deep grey. Sorry I couldn't help.
  6. Thanks. :yes: