Difference Between Real And Fake Louis Vuitton

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  1. How to tell real LV bags from fake ones?
    The First Part: The way to distinguish (Basic Knowledge)!
    People who always shop in LV franchised store know that there is special taste of leather once get into it. The proficient can know which is real which is fake just by smelling taste of LV bags. So just shop around in LV shop as much as possible whether you busy or not.
    2. Water Drip
    Many fake LV bags are made of fake leather, so they got bad water absorption; on the contrary, when water drip on the part of genuine leather, part of leather of both the real LV bag and high level copied LV bag can be seen absorbing and it will have water stain when wiping down the water. So bring a bottle of mineral spring water with you when to buy LV bag.
    3. Observe the depth of tracery
    The better copied LV bag always has crude appearance and clear particles because of the out leather has gone through special process; while not finely made counterfeit has shallow grain in the appearance. People compared grain to distinguish before, which is behind the times now. No matter which counterfeit it is, the grain can be matched perfectly.
    Basically speaking, there are plenty of colors of LV bags. But what I want to talk about now is classical color of LV bags. Fake LV bag has the color coffee, but the real one has a little bit green in the coffee. I can not tell, because I don’t have strong ability to distinguish. Due to this, I just write what I know for your reference.
    5. Interior Clothes
    Interior clothes of LV bags are all made of canvas. They are fake for sure if leather. In addition, as for the texture, real LV bag has crude clothes marks and clear grains, whereas fake ones smooth and vague, even structure of grains can not be seen clearly.
    6. Thickness of Threads
    Real LV bags adopt fibers of high tenacity with apparent wicker like thread, while most of fake ones are shaped by lathe with ordinary cotton thread, it won’t got grain of wicker. Of course, I can’t tell, neither.
    7. Check Serial Number of Leather Label
    For real or better copied LV bags, there will be small inner bags in it; moreover, a piece of nailed leather printed serial number of each bag can be seen at fixed position. Fake ones always have no serial numbers and wrong position. There is much need to be learned about such piece of leather. The genuine leather well-distributed, natural and exquisite grains, while fake ones crude and unnatural.
    8. Printed color should be light
    The outer faces of LV bags have a piece of leather with letters LOUIS VUITTON, PARIS, MADE IN FRANCE on it. Real LV bags have light printing but even and neat in every letter, whereas fake ones have clear and deep but not even handwritings, many letters LV or U will be awry.
    9. Texture of Rivet
    Rivets on real or better copied LV bags are certain to have full spell of LOUIS VUITTON. It must be badly copied counterfeit if no short of LV printed or absolute no printed letters. Besides this, texture of rivet will give us a feeling of raised and thick to some extent, while those don’t belong to fake ones.
    10. Luster of Metals
    Metal on real LV bags turns into it a kind of bronze-color and darker luster, while fake ones show bright gold and strong reflectance.
    11. Bag Size will be printed
    Real or better copied LV bags will have a piece of leather outside, that is the piece of leather with printed LOUIS VUITTON, PARIS, and MADE IN FRANCE on it. The size of each bag is printed at the back of it. A big secret!
    Tips to distinguish LV Bags
    1: Breath deeply to smell its natural fragrance when you get a brand new LV bag.
    2:Hidden serial number, always founded at the seam of marginal leather of LV bags, used to illustrate it manufacture location and manufacture date.
    3: LV LOGO will be seen above of all the accessories or tapered neds
    4: LV hidden serial number doesn’t mean absolute evidences to distinguish; nevertheless, many counterfeits show the hoof on serial number, then how to distinguish?
    Let me tell you in details.  

    English alphabets represent the manufacture location:
    Spain: CE (EPI and so on) LM.LO.MO (M-color)
    Italy: SA always manufacture accessories of clothes and shoes.
    LV serial number will be put owing to different serial, but usual branded locations refer to the followings:
    At the thread: such as at the bottom of pocket, left top or right top.
    At the back of LV leather of linings can be turned.
    At the joining of braces approach the bottom
    The Second Part: The way to distinguish ( Higher Level knowledge)

    As for the way to distinguish real or fake, we can also start from the more details. So careful work aims to meet the requirement of some buyers who buy real ones. For many super A or so called exported goods have copied so near to real ones, so the sellers with no conscience will take the exquisite counterfeits as real ones to sell to cheat the buyers who are not proficient. If buyer buy counterfeits at the price of approaching real ones, that will suffer great losses.
    The ways to distinguish in details are as follows:
    Special tracery and materials of LV bags are the tech difficulty gap which fakes ones can not overcome.
    The part of old flower of LV bags is coated with special paint on canvas, so good wear resistance features it, which makes users of LV bags collapse: prepared leather has been rotted away but part of old flower is still as good as new to leave no excuse to change.
    But on the other hand, LV bag buyers often don’t need the excuse to change bags.
    Compared to real ones, some copied LV bags have the similarity in spirit; however, minute differences exist between the former and the latter as followings:
    Real ones have deep and clear grains, especially ditch can be seen in cupped part; my language level is so poor that I don’t know how to say, for example, it seems that there is platform underneath, then the feeling to spread tracery one by one give me the sense that lacune among traceries is very deep.
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  3. Some of your information is not accurate. Please post in the Authenticate This LV thread if you have something to share. Thanks!
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