difference between "raisin" and "prune"?

  1. can anyone describe the difference between these two colors? i LOVE raisin and am vexed that it's being discontinued. :crybaby: so now i'm trying to figure out whether i need to put in a request for a raisin birkin or kelly ASAP, or whether i'll be just as happy with prune.

    HELP!!! (and thanks :flowers: )
  2. In my eyes:

    Raisin is an extremely dark, dark, dark violet.

    Prune is somehow a dark reddish brown. Here's prune for your reference.

  3. I think prune is really a true Aubergine color, and much warmer of a tone than the dark grapey raisin.
  4. Aubergine, LaVan....Aubergine. I refuse to call that gorgeous bag of yours....PRUNE!
  5. ARGH! I love the Raisin color. It's third on my list
    Black- check
    Gold- *soon*
    White Clemence

    Then comes the exotics. I like that Violine color too.
  6. It's so sad about raisin because I think it's a striking color that is remarkably versatile. I've never seen prune irl but was wondering which was "brighter"- sounds like raisin???
  7. One is a dried plum.

    One is a dried grape.

  8. omg K, I almost said that! :roflmfao:
  9. thanks all -- and special thanks for the pic, LaV.

    GF and CB: :noggin: :lol: :lol:

    to quote the inimitable shopmom, oyi. i just don't know what to do -- a kelly, HAC or birkin in raisin chevre is on my dream list because i love the leather so much, but i already have a raisin chevre kabana. i was planning to wait until i have other basics before duplicating this leather, but this nasty discontinued news is forcing the issue a bit. the prune leather is lovely, but now that i've seen it i realize that it's too different from the raisin to be a substitute -- it's just another color that i want!

    decisions, decisions. :sad:
  10. :nuts: :roflmfao:
  11. I think... in my opinion, the raisin is "purpler-blue" and the prune has a slightly brownish hue to it.:shrugs: :s yup, that's what I think.
  12. I have never seen prune in person so I don't know. From LaVan's picture it looks beautiful, just not purple.
    Raisin to me is purple mixed with brown. I have a raisin Togo Kelly and in this leather, it looks kind of brown at night or when there is no direct light on it. On a sunny day or under bright artificial light, the purple really comes out.

  13. Totally agree...and how odd, I was just talking the other day about how I feel raisin is a color that will be gone very soon. I did not expect it to be gone that soon!
  14. In French raisin = grape (not necessarily dried)
    and prune = plum
    that's my small contribution lol
  15. I agree with everyone about the colors... prune and raisin are VERY different!!!