Difference between putty and blush?

  1. Can someone tell me what the difference is? Thanks :yes:

  2. I'm not the expert, I'm just guessing here... but I believe that the putty is more of a beige color and the blush is a pinky color.
  3. Putty 1put.jpg 1mbl.jpg Blush

    (photos from personalshoppers)
  4. Besides a big difference in color (Blush is pink), the Blush is patent leather.
  5. Hanne, the putty is a beautiful hue! Blush appears to be more beige. I miss my Putty :sad:...
  6. Thanks Rose, I didnt know you had a putty.. you sold it? I am trying (desperately *LOL*) to find one. If no luck I think I will go for the new cashew, but I love the putty.

  7. Hanne I think the blush is sooo pretty... I saw a girl with it and I couldn't stop staring at her bag. Get the blush! :heart: