Difference between packaging: store vs. elux?

  1. Whenever I have received my LV bags from elux, they come in a very hard sturdy LV box and I love it. Whenever I buy from the store, they come in the soft box. Just want to know is this coincidence or have you noticed this too?
  2. I have to say I was disappointed with how my bag at the store was packed. They took it behind closed doors to "wrap it up". Anyway, I live 4 hours from the store and when I got home, it was just inside of a bag inside of the shopping bag. No care card, no hard box, no soft box. It was in the dust bag and that's it. Very disappointed with that. I'll be sure to check the next time.
  3. I haven't tried this at LV, but I know that if you ask at the Coach store they will giftwrap your item for free. I liked doing that, even if it was just for me...maybe LV would do it too?
  4. I have bought my items at the store, 2 out of 3 came in hard boxes and dust bag. My pochette only came in the dust bag, not a box.
  5. Well I just received my mono lockit pm, from the store and it came in a hard box, in the dustbag, with ribbon around the box! It was packaged very nicely!!
  6. I've gotten 3 items from 2 different stores now, and they've been wrapped in the dustbags + a sort of...outer dustbag, like a heavy paper bag with a sealed flap at the top. No boxes, no pretty ribbons. ~pout~
  7. for larger items i believe they give u a soft box for smaller bags and stuff they give u a hard box(if it fits) and most of the time they just assume i want a box... sometimes i dont even want them because they are sooo huge and in the way...
  8. I've only purchased from 866-VUITTON and eLux. Both ship with hard box. It's good to know that you don't get that in the store because I thought this is how all bags were packaged when purchased. I store my bags in them in their dust bags when not in use. I prefer to order from 866-VUITTON because there isn't a store in Oklahoma they do not/cannot charge me tax and shipping is a flat $10 fee (on a $1300+ purchase).
  9. I always always always ask for a box!!!! My recent purchase, a BV, came in a big huge softer box (I think due to the size) and my others are all in hard boxes. They've all been in their dustbag, then wrapped in tissue, closed with an LV sticker and then in box.
    I'm kinda weird and always want a box...even when shopping on ebay or something I'm pretty weird about making sure it has a box!
    Personally...I think no matter what the price I should get a box!!!!!!
  10. I believe you have to ask for a gift box, they give you that option on elux.
  11. eLux always ships it in boxes! It comes with all the cards, dustbags, everything. Plus there's no tax so it comes out much better!
  12. That is ture for most but eLUXURY charges sales tax for orders shipped to California and Tennessee. Recipients of orders shipped to other states are responsible for complying with state and local tax laws.
  13. The three bags that I got from LV-all came without a box, but with dustbag/tissue.
    All my LV purchases from elux came boxed, but no tissue.
  14. You have to ask for a box. Otherwise they are going to give you a dustbag and send you on your merry way. I always ask because I prefer boxes. Some people dont. As for elux, they probably always send boxes because it helps with the shipping of the bag.
  15. i don't mind that the store doesn't give boxes because right now i have so many from eLuxury that i don't know what to do with :wacko:! i keep my bags in their dustbags and line them up in my closet, but i've accumulated so many boxes that i'm actually trying to get rid of them now. i've considered selling them on eBay.