difference between mirage and degrade speedy

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  1. what is the difference between the two??

    is the mirage the one with the balck handle and mono print and the degrade is the one with the LV print that kind of has a hint of gold color?
  2. they are one and the same. it's just that LV sometimes doesn't finalize a "name" for the line until later on. when it's in the lookbook, it's the pre-release names stated on there but that may change later on.

    the actual names of the bags may also change, for example the monogram degrade speedy may become the monogram mirage speedy. hth!
  3. exactly what she said... btw, i'm loving the speedy mirage too! i cannot wait to see it IRL!
  4. This bag is in the lookbook at the Degrade speedy and priced at $1800. We shall see if the name and/or price changes as we get closer to release. I really love this bag, whatever the name turns out to be! Waitlisted for the version w/black leather. My SA said that there is also a version w/burgundy leather.
  5. ooh i really wanna see it irl!

  6. yes that's an important detail! there's 2 versions of the degrade/mirage speedy. i personally like the black one best.
  7. Has there been a picture posted of the speedy with the burgandy handles? I only remember seeing the one with black handles.
  8. i think they are the same :smile:
  9. both have the black handles. the difference is how the monogram fades. one fades to black, the other fades to bordeaux.
  10. OK, I guess I'm a bit confused because in the other thread about the speedy, someone said they were waitlisted for the speedy with burgandy handles.
  11. i've only seen pics of the speedy w/ black handles. the sac a main and some of the men's bags have burgundy handles. but who knows...things may change and more/less colors may come out in a particular style. i'm sure more concrete news will come out within these 2 months or so. :yes: