Difference between medium paddy and the "new" pocket paddy?

  1. Does anyone have pictures of the difference between the "medium" Paddy and the "newer" one with a pocket in front? All the SA told me was that the newer one is bigger, and she likes that one better. Gotta make a decision quick, so please let me know!! Pix would be greatly appreciated!! :heart: :heart:
  2. Jill, the SA from Troy Michigan also told me that they received a new shipment of pocket paddingtons. Right now they have a chocolate one. She says it is bigger with a front pocket underneath the lock. I personally think it looks "busy" since the lock should really be the centerpiece.
  3. do you know if these are on sale since NM had the sale? thanks!
  4. I agree with Lordguinny. The pocket paddy has too much going on with the lock and oversize pocket. The traditional satchel is my favorite followed by the box (bowler) and zippy.
  5. Toreilly, I don't know if it is on sale...she said it was a chocolate pcoket paddy for 1647...I'm thinking that's not the sale price!
  6. i personally prefer the pocket paddy because fewer people have it and on me the satchel looks very triangular and long, whereas the pocket is better proportioned
  7. The pocket is significantly larger. It is more boxy, but when you carry it the ends sort of poke out like a football. The triangular shape of the satchel did not work for me, but the pocket didn't either...the straps were okay for shoulder carrying, but a bit short for that, and too long to carry over the arm.
    Chloe Blue outside 3.jpg Chloe Blanc Pocket angle.jpg
  8. Thanks!! :heart: