Difference between Maddy and Mahala?

  1. The Maddy is smaller than the Mahala. I have both and really love both. If you are looking to choose one, the Mahala seems to suit most ladies. All the celeb pics you see are of the Mahala. Here are a few pics for you. The red is the Maddy and the silver the Mahala. The red is no longer available but check out robynbenz's new plum color it is gorgeous.



    maddy mahala.jpg me%20and%20maddy.jpg me%20and%20mahala.jpg
  3. does the bulk at the bottom of the Mahala bug you or get in your way?
    That was my only concern about that bag and why I was leaning more toward the Marcia.
  4. Samantha.. they both look fabulous on you!!!
  5. Love the both. Such gorgeous bags...:heart:
  6. thank you so much for the info samantha and robyn, if size is the only difference between the maddy and mahala, then I usually pick the larger size. so two more questions:

    1. robyn, i saw your beautiful plum mahala, is that patent leather?
    2. what mahalas are still available, other than the silver, in either regular leather or patent leather?

    i'll go check the stock on nm and Saks in the meantime...
  7. Thank you, the Plum is patent leather which was released last week. It is even more AMAZING IRL:nuts: As for the colors left, I think most are the remaining colors from cruise/summer 2007. There are bronze, champagene, black, electric blue, python & white still floating around. I am anxious to see the fall colors. I posted a green crocodile mahala (fall 07) a few weeks back that it is also TDF. My SA had these in her store:yahoo:
  8. I am trying to decide on Maddy -vs- Mahala. Do any of you ladies know what the strap drop is on both? I have a medium Malena (black and gunmetal, woo hoo!), and it hangs fine. But I am not a small woman, and do not have access to either the Maddy or Mahala IRL to try on. I really want the cognac liquid patent in one of those bags! Help me, oh Choo enablers, :graucho:
  9. If you look at Samantha's pics, there is not much difference in the strap drop. I just measured my Maddy and it is about 8 inches when hanging. I normally like a drop of 9 at least and actually prefer a little more, but I love the way mine fits up under my arm.:yes:
  10. Oh my - I just saw the Malena in both the liquid patent plum and cognac. (I have a Malena in black/gunmetal) They were at Nordies in Bellevue, WA. Both are just beautiful :nuts: I don't know about having the same bag in multiple colors. Except, I have more than one color of shoes in the same style. Who here has multiples of a style in several colors? Bags...not shoes.

    OK, getting back to deciding between a Maddy and a Mahala...

    I e-mailed JC asking for some guidance on strap differences between the Maddy and Mahala. My Malena fits under my arm fine.

    Here is the info, that might help someone who is in my predicament (which one???)

    The Malena has a strap length of 20 inches.
    The Maddy has a strap length of 16 inches.
    I asked for Mahala info, but I guess the rep didn't read my e-mail too well.

    jmcadon just said her Maddy has a strap drop of 8". That sounds consistent with the JC reps info.

    I saw that the Mahala in Samantha's pic did not drop significantly lower than the Maddy when worn over the shoulder.

    Robynbenz - do you have both, the Maddy and the Mahala? What is the strap drop on the Mahala?
  11. The strap drop is 9 inches, (18 inches around) on the Mahala.

    As for having the same color in multiple JC bags:blush: I confess.... I have the Burgundy Ring and the XL Ramona.

    The only problem I would have with ordering another Liquid Patent bag in the Melena or any other style is the funds:sad:

    I think as far as color goes, the L.P is my most favorite of ALL the Choos:choochoo:
  12. Robynbenz - thanks so much for the strap drop info!
  13. Anytime:cutesy:
  14. Did you hear that? Yeah....that was ME falling off my chair, my heart stopping, the paramedics arriving and using that contraption they use to restart your heart and then sticking around for breakfast all because I just saw for the very first time that croc Riki! OMG!!!!! :nuts::drool::nuts:

    I joined this forum in May, so I never saw that post! OMG! I think that whole thing of having a roof over one's head is totally overrated. I really, really, really, want that bag! MAJOR :girlsigh:!