Difference between Luggage and Phantom?

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  1. Hello!

    I am notvery familar with Celjne but saw a Phantom at Barneys LOVED !!
    Can anyone tell methe differences in the Luggage style bags please??
  2. I am new to Celine as well. Asked my SA, and he said the "wings" are wider on Phantom and it is less structured.
  3. wings!
    the phantom has big wings that you can fold in or out
    i'm a wing girl, i have a trapeze and phantom
    picture of my phantom with the wings out
  4. Thank you both! Yes I think I love the wings too :P Where can I find the current colors for a small Phantom? Would love a perfect beige or bright blue :biggrin:
  5. Good luck with the bright blue phantom. They're VERY hard to find unless u go with a re-seller such as eBay,Malleries, etc. U may b able to find a beige-not sure. I would call around.
  6. Beautiful phantom! Would you mind telling me the color-trim combinations of celine phantom bags? I'm in love with the grey-orange trim but so far it is the only combination I know. I've seen beige-orange combination on google which is absolutely stunning. but the site isn't very credible, I fear it's a fake :/
  7. I believe there's only been 3 colours with contrasting trims so far....all beautiful combinations - Grey with orange trim, navy with orange trim, and khaki with blue trim. Hope that helps! :smile:
  8. Winter 2012 has White with Black trim as well!
  9. oooh! I haven't seen that, sounds amazing!! does it look somewhat like the Lune luggage, but whiter, with black trims?
  10. Yes! As attached here. For a moment I was doubting myself as my mind has been on a white nano with black trim. I really am considering a Nano. Yes? Or no-no? Haha.
  11. I love how you always have a picture to illustrate! :biggrin: and yes to white nano!! I love the lune nano, but was paranoid about colour transfer..
  12. I luv the phantom