Difference between Leather conditioner and water proofer?

  1. and which one is better to protect a new leather handbag?? thanks!
  2. I might be wrong, but I thought leather conditioner was more like putting hand lotion on your skin...it doesn't offer as much protection as a waterproofer but penetrates more deeply to keep the leather supple...am I wrong?
  3. On the Applegarde line, the leather conditioner conditions and cleans GENTLY, and there is a leather cleaner for a stronger treatment. Lastly, there is the spray that repels water and keeps stains on the surface.
  4. ^^ Good explanation. Leather lotion cleans and moisturizes. Waterproofing spray repels water. You can treat your bag with both. That way your bag will be clean and supple, but it will also repel water.