Difference between khaki and elephant pyhton bag

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  1. Does anyone know the difference between the khaki and the elephant phyton paraty bag?

    I have the khaki python bag but I heard about the elephant pyhton bag and I wanted to know how different they are.

    If anyone could get back to be I would be very thankful.

    THANK YOU in Advance.

  2. anyone :sad: ???
  3. I imagine the biggest difference would be the color...other than that there isn't much difference? :huh:
  4. Isn't the khaki more of a grey tone and the elephant more of a butter tone?
  5. Oh, I see, the OP was asking about the difference in color! :biggrin: I thought perhaps the question was about other characteristics.

    I think that the elephant has a slightly blush undertone? I think you may have to see both of them side by side for the best comparison.
  6. Is there really an elephant python Paraty?
    I saw the elephant Marcie python bag last week IRL and it was more greyish than the calfskin elephant Paraty ( IMO the elephant Paraty is beige/taupe )
  7. ^^^I don't know, I've never seen it in stores or even on sales websites. The only place I could find Elephant it is on the Chloe website and that was the Paraty.

    I love the beige colors, I saw what I believe to be a Sand Marcie in a store about a week ago and it was stunning. It was calfskin and probably very close to what the site depicts as Elephant. The only problem is as beautiful as it was, you would be terrified to get it dirty and once dirty, it would never be the same.

    I was surprised to see the Khaki in python. I remember Khaki in the calfskin Paraty last year. I missed out on it during the 40% sales last fall and thought the color had been phased out. Guess they brought it back in python instead.
  8. Seems like it's the same color I saw the python Marcie...to me it looks very similar to the khaki one too...will be in Paris tomorrow hopefully there is a Marcie in elephant python available...:graucho:
  9. Chloe 75-

    Were you able to go to the Chloe Boutique in Paris and by chance did you see an Elephant Python Paraty? Just curious....:graucho:

    If not, did you see anything else that caught your eye? :P
  10. madforchloe....I saw the Elephant Marcie...I was not looking for python Paratys, I saw a light one and a pinkberry...
    The SA told me that the Marcie in Elephant only comes in large not in medium ( I am looking for a medium one in python actually )...maybe I will take the chestnut ( still thinking about...:graucho: because the only one the had came with a tiny spot and if I consider spendig that much it has to be perfect...)...I saw some other python Marcies...chocolate, whiskey ( not sure if the name on the tag is really 'whiskey', it's kind of orange, no colour for me...), grey etc.
    I also saw the Darla duffle bag shown on the chloe hp...I loved the picture and was pretty sure to buy it but there is a really strange "belt" ( lace ? ) on the backside so I didn't...
    They also had the other Darlas in Nubuk ( different shades, Khaki, beige, sand ), the Aurores, Emmas etc.

  11. I think the Marcie python in Chestnut is probably the prettiest and most stunning of all the python Marcie colors that fall within the "brown/earth" tones. It is on my "dream list!!" Stunning. I saw two pretty python Marcies in lighter, pale neutral colors...although I cannot remember the names. I think one was the French word for "Chalk." Pretty, but I would be scared since they were pretty pale and might pick up color transfer or get dirty more easily. The Chestnut is amazing.