Difference between Jimmy Choo Ramona and Riki?

  1. Is is the size? I can't tell from the website.
  2. Riki 10"H X 13½"L X 6"W $1600
    Ramona 12"H X 17"L X 6"W $1850

    Measurements are from Saks.com
  3. Thanks! Should have looked at Saks site, JC site didn't have the info.
  4. which one do you like better :smile:
  5. It is so hard to choose:shrugs: , but I prefer the Jimmy:choochoo: Ramona. :yes:
  6. I prefer Riki because I am 5'2". Riki is more like a large shoulder bag and Ramona is more like a tote. I have a Riki in black and it is my favorite bag. I think it just depands how much stuff you carry.
  7. I like the Riki more - I had a Ramona but I sold it, but I love my Riki :smile: