Difference between infini and noir/black empreinte

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  1. Hello guys! I jus got the Lumi in terre but I read that is coming out the new color soon... The black one... So I'm thinking about change it, but I have only 30 days to decide! I know black speedy will be release on March 1st but I don't know if black Lumi will be release the same day, any news?? Do you know what's the difference between infini and black? TIA!
  2. there was a thread yesterday with a compere between the 2 colors
  3. Infini is a deep blue with dark blue interior.
    Black is black with a darkish gray interior.

    There is a thread with both colors side by side on here. Check it out!

  4. Thank you very much! I can't decide between earth and black lumi!
  5. Earth is a lovely color. I didn't purchase it because I have so many Mono bags already and a Damier so I thought I would get something that was dramatically different. I chose the Infini because it was close to black. Now that a true black is coming out, I am going crazy for it! I am looking forward to the lighter interior. The Infini is such a lovely color and it has lots of depth as it changes color in the light but the interior is a bit of a dark hole.

    Good luck in your decision!!
  6. Lumineuse Pm in noir is coming and you can buy it from 28.2. Get black, it is classic!

  7. Yessss you're right! I have 2 monogram and 1 damier ebene bag that are basically brown... Earth is brown too... So I was thinking about changing it with the black that is coming out soon! 😍

  8. OMG This saturday!!! I'm so happy 😍 can't wait to see it IRL
  9. I have ordered it, and will get it 3.3. I will post pics then!

  10. Yay I can't wait to see you reveal!!

  11. 3.3? Why not 1.3? Will be available on monday?
  12. Because they will send it to me 28.2 and the next working day is monday 3.3 when the courier brings the packet.

  13. Ok! Thanks