Difference Between Housewarming & Open House

  1. My friend recently bought a new house and is having a Housewarming Party to celebrate. She has invited about 50 people and will be serving snacks and drinks on a Saturday evening.

    I always thought a Housewarming Party was a get-together that another person hosted for the owner of a new house. The invited guests bring gifts.

    An Open House is an event where the host or hostess invites guests for a casual reception at his or her new home and gifts are not expected.

    I think it is tacky for a person to host their own Housewarming Party. Is it just me? Do I have my ettiquette mixed up?
  2. Interesting question! Honestly, I thought they were pretty interchangeable, except that an open house is more drop-in style and a housewarming is a party at a set time. I've never heard about someone else hosting a housewarming on behalf of the homeowner? Wow, I'm going to research this!

    As far as gifts I would just bring flowers in a nice vase, candles, a bottle of wine. I'd probably do this whether open house or housewarming. Maybe it varies in other areas of the country? I'm really intrigued!
  3. Hope this link works...check this thread out!

    House Warming Party Etiquette

    the question is about why one would register for housewarming gifts AND expect their guests to bring the food and booze.

    Excerpt from the etiquette advisor: " A housewarming is not a shower. And, if it was to be treated as one, we wouldn’t host it. But, it isn’t. We don’t register for gifts. This is greedy, presumptuous behavior. It is logical to consider it so. You could ask her to compare this party to any other party we host for ourselves. We could host a birthday party for ourselves every year, register, and expect gifts. How about Arbor Day? Perhaps we could host an Arbor Day party for ourselves and register at the nearest nursery for all of the plants we need for our new yard.
    [FONT=Verdana,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif]This is a disturbing trend begun by large department stores to generate funds. Many people are buying into it, but at great cost--the rest of us loath it. "[/FONT]
  4. Well over here it'd be the owner of the home inviting ppl ;) and usually the people bring presents like candles/flowers/chocolates etc.
  5. I think the proper thing is to have an open house and you provide the food and drinks for everyone to share in your excitement on the purchase of your new home. To expect people to bring gifts is tacky. JMO
  6. Open house means there in no set time for the occasion....you can have an open house for anything, house warming, birthday, holidays......

    Come by, have some nibbles, a drink etc...anytime between the times....and leave when you like.

    As opposed to a structured party, to which you are expected to arrive at a certain time.
  7. Thanks Pursegrrrl, especially, for looking up the answer to that question and to everyone else who responded!

    I was just so perplexed about the whole thing, but now I have it sorted out.

    I do think everyone's gift suggestions were lovely. As she is an avid gardener and it's winter time here, I'll bring a nice vase of flowers.

    Again, thanks to all for clearing this confusion up. The thread that Pursegrrrl referenced was really interesting.:flowers: :flowers: :flowers:
  8. ^^ Glad we could help, Leelee! The power of Google ;). There is actually an entire group of etiquette Q&A from that link - weddings, business, you name it. Very interesting!

    Have a great time at the Housewarming party!
  9. Oh, thanks so much Pursegrrrl! It's actually my best friend's party -- we've known each other for a thousand years. I'm going to bookmark that etiquette site...I found it interesting and sometimes these little pesky problems come up.

    Thanks again!