Difference between Gold and Sable

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I'm looking for some help distinguishing what makes these two colors so different. Sometimes they look exactly the same to me, and sometimes I feel like Sable looks almost yellowish, like in this photo...


    Are there two Sable colors? Is Natural sable different from a regular one?

    I also found this one and the color looks so different to me.


    I understand they are different leathers. I have always been leaning toward gold but now I'm think I might like the sable. Any thoughts? Help is greatly appreciated!

  2. Hey Lauren,

    I suggest you try to pop in to an H boutique and ask to see the different swatches...there's a huge difference between the two. Gold is a lot darker than sable, and sable carries quite a lot of yellow tones.
  3. Gold looks darker and more brown while sable looks pale yellow. So far, I find the color sable gorgeous in Fjord leather combined with white stitching and palladium hardware. I have this combination in a 35cm birkin and saw it last evening in a Sac a Depeche briefcase in our local store. Take a look at natural sable in Fjord leather to see if you like it. It becomes more golden under natural daylight.
  4. Please remember different leathers absorb colors differently. There will also be variations between batches. Hermes still mixes their dyes by hand so differences are to be expected.
  5. sabe means sand in french and that is exactly what the color is like a goldish yellowish brown. te rest the lovely persons aboce have already explained
  6. Sable is much lighter than gold. Here is a pic of sable in clemence leather:

    birkandfish 015%20.JPG