Difference Between Eskimo and Samoyed Dogs

  1. I'm curious. Are Eskimo dogs and Samoyed dogs two different breeds? They look the same to me, but I suspect they are really different.

    My DH says a Samoyed is an Eskimo dog.

    It's just one of the silly, little questions that nags at me. Unfortunately, as we have a house full of pets already, I can't adopt either/or.
  2. no they are 2 different breeds. i don't think there is techinically a breed called eskimo dog. there's an american eskimo dog which does look similar but it smaller than a samoyed.
  3. Thank you! That must be what the difference is....smaller and the real name is American Eskimo! I appreciate your resolving my curiosity.:flowers:
  4. If you really want to get into where the dogs come from, the Samoyed is from Asia and is the traditional dog of the people of that name. The American Eskimo is a white dog bred in the US from German Spitz dogs. The Spitz comes in many colors and several sizes. The American Eskimo comes in a couple sizes as well. I don't think the American Eskimo ever is as large as the Samoyed. As the Samoyed comes from Asia it isn't an Eskimo dog either. Native Alaskans have many dogs but nether of these originated there!
  5. Kathyy - I have a Samoyed and I never knew that. I was told that they came from Siberia, do you know where in Asia they come from, would be really interested. thanks
  6. My mom and I had an American Eskimo when I was young. What a beautiful dog- very protective too. My understanding about this breed was that it was of the Spitz family too (as are Pomeranians too, I think).
  7. Here is a link to the SCA rosie50. I learned about this breed from the owner of a wonderful Sammy in my agility class. I just thought they were pretty dogs from Siberia but they are more than that!

    elizat, one of my favorite agility friends has an American Eskimo. Tipper drove her nuts. Everybody else loved the little stinker. Not a traditional obedience dog, shall we say?

    Right, all are Spitz dogs. Guess they are good dogs if there are so many variations on the theme.