Difference between East-West and a Classic?

  1. a little embarrassed here, but I can't seem to differentiate between a East-West and a Classic..... thanks for your help in enlightening me on this :shrugs:
  2. well, im thinking your talking aboiut the 255 classic? so... the east/west is a classic flap that is longer, and not as tall as the 255, it has one chain, but is adjustable,,, the 255 is taller than the east/west and not as long, it has two straps....have you gone to the reference library?
  3. I agree - check out the reference library. It's mainly the shape and the chain that differentiates these.

    Some other difference are the fact that the medium classic flap actually is the "classic" double flap, where there's the main plus an inner flap. The classic flap also has the back pocket which was designed to hold tips. The east-west doesn't have either of these features.

    There is also a big price difference. In caviar leather, the east-west is only $1050 or so, but the classic flap is $1595.

    Hope this helps!
  4. Missbabydolce and Tweetie - Thanks for your comments. I did a search and have checked the Reference Library but could not derive any information on the difference between these 2. Thanks so much, I know at least know a little and this will enable me to pay more attention to the differences on the pictures posted here.
  5. What is the difference between a East West and a classic flap?
  6. I am not 100% but I believe the EW is slightly smaller and doesn't have a pocket on the back.
  7. The E/W is about the size of two small classic flaps put side by side.
  8. E/W is smaller than the classic flap. Also, the classic flap has double flaps and e/w has only one.
  9. i've never seen a "small" flap.
  10. can anyone post pictures comparing the classic flap and east west please???
  12. in the chanel reference section there's a thread called post your flaps,classic flaps and reissues....tons of great pics!:smile:
  13. Eastwest on the far left and small in the middle next to medium on the far right.

  14. Here is small flap next to medium.

  15. The east/west is about the same size as a medium but is shorter vertically. Also, it does not have a pocket in the back.