Difference between Dr. Q Groovee bags from collection to collection?

  1. I am in the market for a Dr. Q Groovee bag. I was wondering if anyone could help me out with something: do they look different depending on the release date? Or was it just that certain colors come out at different times?

    Some photos I've seen make the bags look more angular or boxy, depending on the photo. tia for any advice.
  2. Yes, last fall's model (I think they had nice tan and bordeaux) were about 2-3 inches wider and they had little rings that were at the bottom of where the handles attached. The new ones don't have those little rings under the handles and they are 15 inches wide (vs. 17-18). They come in white, black, and grey. They also have a patchwork stlye, too.
  3. i bought a canvas white groovee and loved the shape, lining, hardware (silver, stamped with mbmj)...everything. i ended up returning it (didn't think white would be practical for me) and found a chocolate brown one from the fall line. while i loved the chocolate color, the shape was slightly different, the lining was blah, the hardware wasn't as good looking and it had those useless rings under where the handles were attached. i ended up returning it b/c it had a big ol' flaw in the leather, but i'd have probably returned it anyway. it just wasn't as striking as the white one.
  4. ^ see, i thought the original groovee looks much better than the recent release. i love the herringbone print lining. the colorful flower interior is pretty, but generic. the leather on the original is superior. it's much thicker, had great pebbling, and the colors particularly nice tan and bordeaux were richer, more "saturated" if that makes any sense. the antique brass hardware gave the bag a very cool, urban, and industrial look. they streamlined the design for spring and it makes it look so cookie-cutter. don't get me wrong, it's nice, but it lost a lot of its character.