Difference between DiorShow and DiorShow Black?

  1. Has anyone used both and can tell me the difference and which one is better?

  2. if you hold up the normal dior show next ot the dior black out.. you can see that the black out is a much BLACKER black. like its really dark... also the brush is not as poofy.. in my opinion th eblack out is better... i think its much darker plus the brush makes my eye lashes fatter.. but thats just my opinion
  3. I just bought Diorshow in the black color. Is that the same as the Diorshow Black or something different?
  4. Diorshow Black Out and Diorshow in Black are two different mascaras. I've got both and BabyBoo is right, the Blackout an intense Black. Fabby!
  5. I think the Diorshow Black Out is a limited edition and is just super super black compared with the DiorShow. The Diorshow also comes in waterproof, while the BlackOut does not.

    I hope my information is accurate -- please correct if not! :yes:
  6. thanks for the info, when my DIORSHOW is dead I'll get the DIORSHOW BLACK! :yes:
  7. Sounds awesome! I need to get some now.
  8. DiorShow Blackout is at sephora.com!
  9. OK all, I've tried both and love 'em both.
    But I do notice a difference:
    DiorShow has more lengthening qualities
    DiorSHow BlackOut is more intensely black and takes a little more time to remove with my eye makeup remover, but doesn't lengthen as much.
  10. I heard that DiorShow Blackout doesn't do much more for Asian lashes than regular DiorShow, in case anyone here has thin Asian lashes and already used regular DiorShow!
  11. I got the blackout and really like it. Makes your lashes look thick and it is 3x blacker than the regular diorshow.