Difference Between Colors?

  1. Hey everyone...On Diabro right now they have the Part Time in Blanc and Blanc, Perle....Can someone tell me what the difference would be in the color? Does the perle have a different sheen? Diabro's pics are very bright so I can't tell. :smile:

    Thanks for any input! :heart:
  2. I don't think that Blanc Perle on Diabro is the new Ivory. I think it's just one of the older whites that Balenciaga released...it's more of an off-white, but not as off-white as Ivory...I think. How's that for clarity? ;)
  3. Thanks! :smile:
  4. :tup:

    Hey Everyone, the picture Joyc3 just posted of the pearle, was sent to me via e-mail from a balenciaga ny sales girl and she told me this color was a new color called creme (Ivory). Just FYI.