Difference between clemence vs. togo souple kelly?

  1. Is there much difference in appearance, weight or slouchiness? If you had a choice (not that you often have a choice) which one would you prefer and why?
  2. Togo is a tiny bit firmer, I love firm...so togo would be my preference.
  3. Echo avandome for me as well. Also, the grain is a tiny bit different.
  4. And the togo smells so good:girlsigh:
  5. One one hand, I agree with others that togo is my preference because of the slight extra firmness, but I also have seen colors absorb a bit better on clemence...so....:confused1:

    I just got my Kelly in Clemence (although I ordered togo, they didn't run togo in my color this past year)...I'm delighted - the color is GORGEOUS and my batch of clemence had a tight enough grain that even the SAs were confused.

    Not much help, I know - 50/50 is my final take and I would go by color more than anything else because grain will vary anyway.
  6. Clemence is heavier than Togo.
  7. clemence slouches more than togo. the bigger leather grains give it a heavier "look". i think clemence looks better on darker colors and togo for lighter hues......