Difference Between City and Part-time


White or Truffle

  1. White

  2. Truffle

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  1. Hi, can any kind soul explain the difference between City and Part-Time? Can both be carry on the shoulder?
  2. Yes both can be carried on the shoulder. The pt is longer but not as "tall"
  3. City $1195.00 (15"x3.5"x10")
    Part-Time $1295.00 (16"x6"x9")

    I prefer bBags worn with handles instead of shoulder straps. The handles should fit most people.

  4. :yes:

    but between the 2, i'd go for a city ( maybe because of my size), the part time is a bit longer....
  5. If to choose, i will prefer city style....i vote truffle color...cheers
  6. Thanks all for the feedback:yes: Keep them coming in. Thanks again.
  7. I would prefer the city also. I voted for truffle because you can use it more and will show less dirt.
  8. Trufle City- great versatile color
  9. i like city also..but i love PT a little bit more, as it's easily worn on my shoulder. I feel more comfortable with it than the city.

    for color, i'd say Truffle as it can go with any outfits.:graucho:
  10. The partime has a longer strap and is a little shorter and longer than the City.
    It's spring, summer is on the way, I don't think there is bbag that is more gorgeous than a white City. A match made in heaven. I voted for white. Get the brown next winter or fall.:yes: The choice is yours and you should get what you love and what makes you happy. ;)
  11. I prefer the parttime over the city. I love how the handles fit over my shoulder and I really love the longer strap. I do kinda wish they had made the part time 10" tall rather than 9" tall, I think it would be utter perfection if it were so.
  12. White CITY. It's gorgeous.
  13. i've seen some great pics of the PT - it's like the city and the twiggy had a baby! the longer shoulder makes it easier to carry, if you're going to use it instead of the handles. whenever i carry the city by the strap, it hangs kind of weird...

    either way - city or PT, truffle or white - it's a b-bag so you can't go wrong!
  14. I 100% agree with this!! :yes: It just needs to be about an inch taller!

    None the less... I love the PT because it easily goes on your shoulder with the handles or looks good carried by the shoulder strap...

    The down side to the PT is while I like carrying it better... I don't have enough stuff to carry around in it right now!! :shrugs: So it is shelved until grad school starts... So I guess that means the City is the better day-to-day size for me.
  15. "Great minds think alike":idea: