Difference between Chanel J12 H1625 and H1634?

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  1. Does anyone know what the difference is between these two?

    In this list http://www.yezero.com/purseblog/chanelj12.pdf
    they are both listed as 33mm Chanel J12 Diamonds Ceramic (Black) $5350.00. They do not differ in description or price so I'm wondering if it's the dials or hour/minute hands?

    I own the H1625


    and wanted to know how the H1634 differs?

    If anyone owns the H1634, can you please post pics?
  2. My box says H1625 too. Hm, are your hands different?
  3. Hi Luccibag,

    I'm not sure...maybe I'm just being paranoid, but in some ladies' pics I see the hour/minute hands to look white and on mine IRL I see them as silver with white at the tip. Now that I've looked through some of the pics that I've taken of my J12, the hands do appear white in some pics so maybe it's just the angle and the lighting of the picture. :shrugs:



    I'm still curious as to the difference between H1625 and H1634. Anyone own the H1634 J12 watch?
  4. Maybe there is a variation? did you buy your chanel from a dept store or chanel boutique? If you did, why worry.
  5. Just checked mine - hands are white. I bought mine from an official Chanel Stockists (as in Official Jewelry Store).
  6. I'm not worried about the authenticity. I purchased it from Damian at Saks in PA. I would really like to know if there are variations with the black J12 w/diamond markers (Damian didn't mention any). Anybody know?

    joviscot, thank you for checking and posting about yours. I appreciate it.
  7. I bought from Damian too! he's GREAT!

    Dont sweat it....who knows why Chanel does what they do.
  8. I have this watch with the diamond markers, but in the larger size, the hands on mine are white, as is the sweep hand.

    Where do you get the number H1625 from, is it somewhere on the watch?
  9. Damian is Awesome! J12s are gorgeous, no matter what variation they come in!

    Thanks, Luccibag. :smile:

    DD101, Damian filled out my authenticity card and that's where I found that reference number.
  10. Thanks designer307, I was looking on my watch and could find no number like that. I'll have to look on my auth card.
  11. ^^ You're welcome. I just checked and it's also on the price tag.