Difference between Carly and Carly Top handle Pouch?

  1. So I was browsing the Coach website this morning...yes, it's morning already, sigh. And I came across the Carly top handle pouch, which I LOVE from the way it looks on the site.

    It appears to be smaller than the original Carly, is that right?

    Is that the only difference?

    I like the Carly but it seemed too big for me when I tried it on at Lord and Taylor last week, and I don't like really big bags. (I'm a short person, I drown in them) So if this on is just smaller I may have to put it on my wishlist...

    Maybe I'm missing something, but they look really similar on the website aside from the size difference.
  2. I don't know if you are a small purse or a large purse woman but if you like big bags then this will seem so small.

    Here is a pic of me carrying it over my shoulder for comparison. Sorry it's huge.

  3. The size is the main difference, also the size of the Cs on the canvas are bigger on the regular Carly.
  4. You might want to look at the Carly Demi or Wristlet if you want something small.
  5. Thanks for the picture, I think it look great on you! I like the smaller size, I'm gonna have to add this to the list of things I must have...someday.
  6. No problem, I had the picture from before when somebody asked about the size when they first came out.
  7. I've tried both the top handle pouch and demi...I like the demi better. It fits better over my shoulder and holds a ton! Not as deep as the pouch, but still holds a lot.