Difference between cambon tote and bucket

  1. i've only seen the tote before

    i've been ringing so many stores
    some tell me i've bucket lefts, some say they have totes

    is there a difference or are ppl just using different terminologies?
    if not what's really the difference in terms of looks??
    if u have a picture i would appreciate it so much!!! ;)
  2. The think they're saying tote and bucket are the same.
  3. I think bucket and tote should be the same bag....:yes:
  4. that's what makes me so confused
    some i asked
    they said it's the same
    others said it isn't
    then when iask them to tell me what the difference is
    they said one looks like a bucket the other like a tote
    anyone with more info?
  5. there is a difference IMO. the bucket is usually the more narrow one ie. the small...the tote is usually refered to the one that fits over the shoulder such as the med and large totes.
  6. I hope there is a difference. I recently ordered a medium tote thinking that the bucket would be too small. :shocked:

    I assume a bucket IS narrower? Does anyone know for sure?
  7. ^it IS narrower (the smallest bucket), its tiny dosent even fit over the shouder..the med fits over most peoples shoulders and the large deff fits over the shoulder.
  8. Does this mean there is a bucket (the really small tote), a medium and a large tote? Just want to be clear......
  9. There are 3 sizes of totes...small, medium, and large. It sounds like their calling the small tote a bucket. The small is really very small and I don't even think it zips closed. Hence, it would be open at the top like a bucket. The med. and large totes do zip closed at the top. Hope that helps.