difference between black satin and noir ceramic? pls post pics!

  1. thanks!!!!
    I live in Europe so I've only seen our version of black satin, and have noir ceramic and would like to see comparison pics to see if it's worth it to order online the US version of black satin....
    would also love to see pics of blanc ceramic. Thanks again!!!! :flowers::flowers:
  2. Black satin is a basic black color with a blue sheen like undertone to it (you wont even see that sheen when its on). Noir Ceramic is black with silver frost to it which is noticeable. I tried to take a few pictures to show you but they didnt turn out good. Sorry :cursing:
  3. oh thanks so much anyway, c1976 !!!!
    you're very sweet for trying!

    Actually I tried to buy from macys.com and NM.com but they don't ship internationally so now I don't even know how to find black satin...

    If anyone manages to take pics I'd really appreciate them!!
  4. ohhh i bought mine from NM.com

    i bought both colors! black satin LE and noir ceramic... i wore black satin on my left hand and noir ceramic on my right :p so i could try both at once!! hehe not noticeably different tho

    black satin (US version) is almost a matte black but it has some shine to it...and slight shimmer - took me only 2 coats to apply evenly (i liked this one better)

    noir ceramic has finely milled glitter(silver) that is noticeable... appears metallic black - took me 3 coats to apply evenly (noir ceramic wasn't that stunning imo)

    they start chipping by the 4th day minimally

    no pix becuz i'm not wearing them anymore.... HTH a bit