Difference between black paddy leather and non-black paddy leather?

  1. I just received my all-black cross body paddy today (finally, and yes, complete with lock!), and compared it to the castor cross-body paddy...I was completely surprised to feel the difference between the two bags!!

    The handles of the castor cross-body are really fat, whereas the handles of the black-paddy are significantly thinner. In addition, the leather of the castor is MUCH thicker, and the weight MUCH heavier than those of the all-black. Basically, the cow that made the Castor paddy ate its Wheaties, whereas the cow that made the all-black...didn't.

    I don't know how to feel. While I appreciate that the all-black is lighter because of the thinner leather, I miss that feeling of substance, the fat handles and the smooshiness of the heavier leather. I'll try it out a couple of days, and see how I feel I guess...

    So have you noticed a difference in different colored paddies like I have? Or is my situation an anomaly?:confused1:
  2. Super excitement on receiving it! :yahoo: How did you get one with the lock, again?

    I hope you can just appreciate each bag for their different bonuses. ? :yes:

    Now, about your collection. I need a picture of that Stam, woman! He he.

    And of course we all here want to see photos of your new Paddy CBs!

    (And I received my Chloe' Betty Satchel today, I have a thread up with photos! [I even debuted a self-photo.])
  3. Hi Mimi! I don't have another cross body to compare my Black cross body to..but, I have a Brun Tall Satchel.
    The leather is different on the two styles. I dont really see a dif in the thickness of the leather but, there is a diff. The brun is much more wrinkly with very uneven pebbling. Where as the Black C/B has a very even textured pebbling and very little if any wrinkling. I have noticed after carrying the black for a couple of weeks that it has gotten much more squishey but, without looking distressed like the Brun.
    I would think they picked a different leather for the Black/Black to give it a more contemporary sleek look, keeping with the design idea of the black hardware.
    The handles of both of my bags are the same. Hope this helps!
  4. I have owned and still do own lots of Paddingtons :love:

    My black Paddy has the best leather of all my bags - it is amazingly thick yet incredibly soft and tactile :drool: - oh my word it is just DIVINE! I have a Creme bag which has the thickest leather but a little bit dry, a Mousse which is thick, pebbled and wrinkled and then a Brun which is very, very soft and not as pebbled but really crinkled...phew! :sweatdrop:

    I think each bag/season tends to have different traits which IMO adds to the appeal...but having said all that, I have never owned a Paddy with what I would describe as "thin leather"? Do what you suggest and wear it a while to see how you feel - I bet she is beautiful!
  5. Agree with Bal, each paddy's leather is very distinctive.
  6. The leather on my black paddy is much thinner and less grainey than on the whiskey. The black paddy is a season older - don't know if that makes a difference.

    I like the leather on the black paddy better - especially on the handles which are less thick and easier to fit in my hands . . .